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We took great care in our approach to finding the right partner who shares our values and will preserve the quality, reputation and legacy that the Windrose team has built. We truly believe the Al Ross Group to be the best fit for us organizationally and the best fit for our employees. Our Windrose team looks forward to a bright future, continuing to serve and respond to our clients' needs just as we have for the past 25 years.

We have established a strong presence and reputation in the Greater Dallas Area throughout our 38 years in business. The future opportunities presented to us by the Al Ross Group team made it an easy decision to partner with them.  They have done a heck of a job with Windrose in Houston which gives great hope for our future.  Our deal was finalized in January, 2017. A start to new beginnings!

Building multi-million dollar spec homes takes capital and equity partners with outstanding business savvy and a good deal of faith. Al Ross Group has been a guiding force in our success.  We completed and sold our first home in Spring of 2014 and are in the process of building our ninth home.  The importance of selecting partners who give great guidance and support, yet let you run your businesses without interference is invaluable.

Industries we work with


        WORK WITH

The team at Al Ross Group partners with  exceptional, growth oriented companies based in North America.

We focus our investments on lower middle market companies that have a solid, skilled and motivated management team in place and a stable, consistent revenue stream between $4MM and $50MM.


Industry preferences are:
  • Exterior and / or interior sign manufacturing,
  • Business services companies and
  • HVAC companies

Our goal with every one of our partner companies is to create value through a combination of strategic capital and operational insight.


How we work


The most important question, when selling your business, should not be how much - but to whom?

We believe that a business without the people who built it is an empty shell.  A machine without an engine.  That is why  when performing our due diligence, the team at Al Ross Group puts as much emphasis on  the people as the financials.  During the process we have multiple, face-to-face meetings with the management team to ensure the chemistry is there...that we can work together over the long haul.  For us, buying a company is a commitment.  We are in this as partners which to us means a long-term relationship with the people who built the business.


At Al Ross Group we are passionate about our partner companies.  Here are some of our practices that set us apart from other private equity firms:


  • We believe in negotiating terms up front.  During the making of a deal, time truly does equal money.  We prefer to cut to the quick - no hidden agenda - and make timely, intelligent business decisions that are in the best interest of all parties.


  • We provide ongoing support, especially in Sales and Marketing, to maintain a long-term strategy about the business and maximize shareholder's returns.


  • We work with you to grow organically while also evaluating external growth opportunities.


  • We offer significant equity incentive option programs for key players on your team.


If you are considering selling or bringing an equity partner to your business let's start with a conversation.





"We find high performing businesses in the sign manufacturing, business services and HVAC sectors , invest in these companies, and spend time working with management to make them even better."


Since 1991, our success in growing companies is one of which we are proud.  We are not only a team of investor / advisors, we have also been business owners who understand the challenges you face.  We've been there, which means our proven track record is what sets us apart from those who only know the financial side of acquiring or funding.


Our reputation for excellence is fueled by three primary timeless business fundamentals:


  1. Take care of your customers / clients

  2. Take care of your people

  3. Create repeatable processes and strive for continuous improvement


Whether your company is mature and ready to take the step toward your succession plan, or you have a vision of taking your young business to  the next level, we have the experience and financial saavy to get you to your next goal.

Al Ross

Al Ross

Al Ross began his journey as entrepreneur at age 28 with $200 in his pocket and hard work and determination in his heart. Mr. Ross started what became a multi-million dollar sign company in Houston, TX which he sold in 2012. While building his successful company, Ross spent years building his own home. These years also built the foundation for the start of Al Ross Luxury Homes, which has quickly become synonymous with lavish living in Houston.

Joann Warren

Joann Warren

Joann Warren joined Al Ross Group in 2012 as the Chief Operating Officer for Al Ross Group, LLC and all subsidiaries. Prior to joining Al Ross, Warren was with National Signs from 1994 – 2012 in several roles including that of Controller. Joann and her family reside in Spring, Texas






3310 Mercer Street,  Houston, Texas 77027

Tel:  713-489-7578


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Specializing in the Acquisition and Further Growth of Exceptional Companies


The team at Al Ross Group partners with  exceptional, growth oriented companies based in North America. 


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